Distance Running

On 20th of January 2017 we started training to build up to run 1 km. We started by running 500m around the junior yard. We measured different possible running routes around the school and found that the perimeter of the junior yard is approximately 100m, so we ran around 5 times and walked around one more time to cool down. After a couple of day we increased the distance and we ran around 6 times and walked 1 lap. We do it every Monday, Wednesday and every Friday. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth participate and soon we will run around the pitch 3 and a half times and not on the tarmac.

The first day we did our run it took us about 20 minutes to do 500 metres and we do stretches at the end of every run. It now takes us around 10 minutes to do our 600 metres run, walk one lap and do our stretches. Mr.Gilligan jogs ahead of us so we pace ourselves and don’t get too tired too quickly. We are not allowed to pass Mr.Gilligan so it doesn’t make people feel like they can’t do it.

Authors: Aidan, Alexander and Natasha.