Water Awareness in Lumcloon

Water Poster Competition

Over the week we have been drawing posters on water. Students have been drawing on how people are polluting the ocean. After we’re done the posters the teacher will decide which one is the best. The teachers are going to bring them to a competition. The winner gets an iPad and 500 euro for their school.

Ava & Megan

Saving Water

Water is made from hydrogen and oxygen (H20) but the oceans are getting contaminated.
Seals and sea-turtles are eating plastics without realizing it is dangerous.
Bring your plastics of the beach instead of letting sea animals eating it.
Seagulls are eating plastics and feeding it to there young so then they die.
Stop throwing your rubbish and plastics into the oceans.

Made by Leon And Ava D

Water Wednesday

On Wednesday 19th of February everyone in the school wore a blue t-shirt or jumper, including the teachers. The Senior Classroom had a boat race . We made the boats using a sponge , a straw and a sail which we designed by ourselves. The overall winner was Leon Kennedy Brewer.We used a baby bath, partly filled with water from our water butt. The Junior Classroom also did some water based activities such as bowling with water bottles  and they also played with Orbeez.