Poems for Our Oceans

Water Saving

In the Pacific they are using big nets to clean up after our mess
Our wildlife is dying because we are not trying
Keep our oil safe instead of letting it escape
Don’t let our sea life choke on our bottles of coke

by Daniel & Aoibhe C

Help Water🌊

Don’t pollute, it’s very bad. 
If you litter you are just a cad. 
Throwing trash in the ocean is mean and cruel. 
If you pollute you act like a fool.
The environment needs you to help, care and nourish.
So leave it clean and the earth will flourish.

by Kyle

 Be Water Wise                    

1. Be green and don’t be mean.
2. Pick up litter don’t be bitter.
3. Save the turtles, Save the seals.
5. Pick up all bottles don’t kill otters

James & Cian B

Water Rhymes

Help clean or you’re mean.
Helping clean the ocean to keep it in motion.
We need to get our next green flag with a hippo bag.
Save the rain, don’t let it go down the drain.
Stop! – don’t litter; it makes the world bitter.
Stop pollution it’s the solution.
The wildlife are dying, because we are not trying.

Kian K