School Bazaar

On the 30th of November we had our school bazaar. It took place in the hall. The bazaar was to raise money for the school. For the past three weeks the kids were to bring in 2nd hand toys, books,shoes, clothing and handbags etc. 6th and 5th class packed the sweets and setup the hall for the “Big Day.” They also made Christmas Logs made from moss and other Christmas decor. The parents were allowed to come in from 1:30pm onwards. There were many competitions to be entered,such as; Pin the nose on the reindeer, Guess the amount of sweets in the jar and buzz off etc. Saoirse and Katie both tied in guessing the amount of sweets so the sweets were divided between the two of them. 5th and 6th class were in charge of the stalls and the money. Everything was mostly under €1. There was a monster raffle in which the first prize was a pink bike. There were ten prizes in total. It was a great day. The best thing was most things were sold. If we were to change anything we would get more sweets because they were very popular and we soon ran out.

Hi, we are the Webmasters 02. We had a Bazaar Friday the 30th of November. We had it to raise money for the school. Everyone brought in toys, books and teddies. People baked as well and  Fifth and Sixth class made sweets and treats with Mrs Doolan and we made Christmas wreaths or logs with Ms Keenan. We had the Bazaar itself in the GP room and we invited parents and others in. Fifth and Sixth set up a tables with the teachers. We also had competitions and a raffle. There was guess the sweets in the jar, name the snowman, pin the nose on the Reindeer and Buzz Off. The Bazaar was a lot of fun and a lot of people including us enjoyed it.

Hi we are Webmasters 3. On the 30th of November Lumcloon National School children and staff held our first ever Bazaar to help to raise funds for our school itself. To prepare for the Bazaar all pupils were asked to bring in anything they or their family members did not use or want. Around half one we all agreed that the parents would come in so that they could buy something they liked. Pupils were encouraged to bring in their pocket money. At the Bazaar there we various items for sale. All of sixth class sold book, games, puzzles and all sorts of things. There were many competitions like the buzz game, the raffle, guess the sweets in the jar and pin the nose on the reindeer. The dearest thing there was 10 euro which were the Christmas Logs. A lot of people played the buzz game while not a lot of people bought the books. I think we should make more of the items more expensive.

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