Green Schools – Saving Energy

We are working on our second Green Schools Flag. This time the theme is Energy so we are looking at ways to save energy in school and at home.

One of the first things we did was investigate how the environment is being damaged by carbon dioxide fom fossil fuels. We created some video presentations.

We reviewed our current energy use by asking different questions on how people use energy in school and at home. One of the questionnaire was about how long people spend showering.

We found that 77% of the people questioned spend 10 minutes or more in the shower.

We did an audit of the appliances and lights in the school. There are a total of 111 lights in or around our school.

We also had a visit from Paul Finch who showed us how efficient LED lights are. After his visit we decided to investigate the possibility of changing the school to LED lights.

We learned about magnetism and electricity and made some simple motors in class. It was good fun getting the copper wire to spin.