Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a reasonably happy Easter and are managing to enjoy the current spell fine of weather. We are now heading into the last term of the school year and as you are aware the current restrictions have been extended until May 5th. We are still unsure of when or if schools will be reopened after the May Bank Holiday weekend so for the next few weeks, we will be providing materials each day via email for you to work with your child. Some will be printable worksheets, chapters of textbooks available online that your child can access and work through or other online activities and resources. We will also be available each day, again via email for any questions you may have regarding work we provide. For those of you who have yet to supply an email address we will be posting the resources on our school website and sending text messages with links to these materials.

Children in the senior classes can also access this work through their Google Classroom accounts.

We will also be updating our school Padlet activities and highlighting other learning resources that are being made available (mostly free) as we become aware of them.

You can contact teachers at the following addresses:

Mr. Gilligan – mrgilligan@lumcloonns.ie

Ms. Egan – msegan@lumcloonns.ie

Ms. Keenan – mskeenan@lumcloonns.ie

Ms. Loonam – msloonam@lumcloonns.ie

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Rigney on the arrival of the newest member of the family, a healthy baby boy, Tommy.

While we appreciate and understand that the current situation is challenging and we do not wish to add any extra anxiety or worry to and already stressful situation we would encourage you to  ensure your child engages with some of the materials we provide as this will help maintain an important link with the school.

We will update you on any new developments regarding the opening of our school as we hear them. Please be aware that information regarding Department decisions will be made available through official channels and viral messages on WhatsApp or other social platforms must always be verified by checking with official Department sources or myself at the above address.

Please do not share information you hear through these informal channels with your child as they may be disappointed and upset if they prove to be untrue.


Greg Gilligan