Back to School

Our school will reopen on Wednesday, August 26th and we are currently preparing for the return of our pupils and staff. There are still some fine details to be worked out but we will be ready for the big return on the 26th. It has been a long six months since March 13th and doubtless we will all be a little anxious and apprehensive about being back together. But like sitting in a dentist’s waiting room the actual waiting is the worst part, once we are back together we will be so delighted to see our friends and classmates that we will wonder what we were so worried about.

Having said that, the year ahead will be like no other and while we all get used to the new routines and regulations there may be some frustration at not being able to do things we always took for granted. Things like eating lunch with our friends, working closely together in groups on school projects, or answering Kahoot quiz questions in small teams will all have to be avoided for the next while. But we will adjust quickly and do our best to make sure we all remain safe and well in school.

Until then enjoy what remains of your school holidays and stay safe.

Mr. Gilligan