Antigen Tests for Primary School Children

Antigen Testing Image

The following information is an extract from the HSE webpage on Antigen Testing for Primary School Children. You can view the full page with a more detailed explanation on the ordering and administering of antigen tests here.

How many antigen tests to do

Antigen testing is more accurate if you do a series of tests on different days.

Your child will need to do 3 antigen tests in total. You can do them at any time of the day. There are 2 spare tests in the box if you need them.

Your child can still go to school while you are doing the series of antigen tests as long as:

  • they do not have symptoms of COVID-19
  • their antigen test results are negative

When to do the antigen tests

Do the 3 antigen tests in this order:

  1. First test on the day you get the tests.
  2. Second test 2 days after the first test.
  3. Third test 2 days after the second test.
HSE Guide on using antigen tests