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Bun National School 1949

As part of our preparations for the opening of our new school Carmel McLoughlin has researched the history of our school, most especially Bun National School which was the first state school built in this area. Lumcloon National School replaced Bun National School in 1964. Bun National School was built in 1885. The school was a one teacher school. In 1895 a Miss Bridget

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Clonmacnois Visit – 2003

Today we went to Clonmacnois .When we got there we ate our lunch and went into the tourist office and in there we went to see a video about Clonmacnois. At the entrance of Clonmacnois there is the cross of the Scriptures. The real cross is inside the one outside is a replica cross. We got a tour around Clonmacnois our giude was Nicola.

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The History of Our Area

Lumcloon is a townland in the parish of Cloghan and Banagher (originally Gallen and Reynagh) in County Offaly. County Offaly as it is known today came into existence in 1556 after the English plantation of both Laois and Offaly by Queen Mary 1 of England. The newly structured counties were given new names also, with Offaly being called “King’s County” after King Philip husband

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