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Peace Proms 2017

On Monday 16th of January the Peace Proms Workshop was held in Swords County Dublin.We travelled by bus and when we arrived at Swords, we walked in and got seated. While we were sitting down getting ready Greg Beardsell our conductor started talking to us and told us all about it. He gave us colours to go by for the day. We were green

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Our Irish Reading

To help us with our Irish reading we have a page where we can listen back to our teacher at home. He recorded himself reading the pieces and added them, along with the text. It makes reading the pieces easier at home and our parents can read with us. Click on the links below.   Sneachta   Úlla Deasa Stoirm

Rocky Mountain Scratch Projects

As part of CODEWEEK.EU 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes created a programme in Scratch to teach the tune “Rocky Mountain”. Each day we added new pieces of code and 1st and 2nd classes came in to see how we were doing and to test our programme. Everyone is working on their project and you can see some of them here.   We’re still working

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First Communion 2016

The girls from second class celebrated their First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 21st. They looked wonderful and did a great job. Their family and friends were there to celebrate with them and the choir helped with the ceremony. Here’s the opening song from the Communion Mass. Fr. Pierre said the mass and their teacher, Mr. Gilligan, managed the choir. At the end of

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The Children of Lir

We have just finished learning about the Children of Lir. We created our own booklet and illustrated the story. We broke the story up into eight sections and wrote short descriptions of what we thought were the most important events in the story. We then picked a section each and drew pictures to illustrate the story, someone had to design the cover of the

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Confirmation 2016

Confirmation took place on Saturday, April 16th this year. It was in St. Rynagh’s Church, Banagher. Bishop Colm O’Reilly confirmed the children from Lumcloon NS, St. Mary’s NS in Cloghan and St. Rynagh’s NS in Banagher.  As there were only the three of us from Lumcloon, we all had a job on the day. Everyone looked fantastic and the ceremony passed without a hitch.

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Proclamation Day 2016

We raised our flag on Proclamation Day. Sixth Class read the 1916 Proclamation and raised our new Irish Flag. The weather was lovely and the flag flew proudly in the strong breeze. After raising the flag we sang Amhrán na bhFiann and listed the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation. Back inside, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes read their Proclamations for a New Generation

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Amazing Scratch

First and Second classes have been looking at Scratch and have designed some mazes. How quickly can you get to the green square? Try a few times to see if you can improve on your previous score? Click the Green Flag to Start but be careful because if you touch the red lines you will be sent back to the start. The timer starts

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Christmas Newsletter 2015

Click here to download a copy of our Christmas Newsletter. The newsletter can also be viewed online below. Click on the booklet to open it in full screen mode.

Christmas Concert 2015

Our Christmas show this year is set in a museum where all sorts of magical things appear to be happening. Some lively pupils arrive but are not too interested in the tour, they are more interested in singing songs and telling poems. We also find that the exhibits are acting strangely when they shouldn’t be acting at all and one of them is forcing

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