Extension of School Closures

Dear Parents/Guardians

As you are aware school closures have been extended to at least April 19th. We are aware that coupled with this, many of you now find yourselves in an uncertain situation as you are forced to remain at home and not go to work. This is a stressful and challenging situation and we here in Lumcloon NS do not wish to add to that stress or worry.

Our plan for the initial two-week closure was to provide as many resources as possible to help reduce the demands on parents who were wondering “where to start” with distance learning. We too were very much wondering the same thing, so we spend each day looking for and selecting resources that might help your child’s learning at home in the hope they are useful and effective. However, we were also aware that many of you do not have an adequate Internet connection or hardware such as printers and are doing the best for your child in this difficult time.

With the extension of the closures we will need to revise the frequency at which these resources are posted to prevent content overload and what we as teachers and parents expect of our children.

The novelty of the schools being closed is surely now wearing off and it is probably getting more difficult to engage children with learning activities. We suggest that if you want your child to engage with the school-based activities that you pick two or three resources a day. You will find some resources are more popular that others so revisit them as often as you like but do encourage engagement with at least one other resource as well. After that get your children to read, draw, play and listen to music, sing a song or two and weather permitting play in the yard. While there are some assignments for the senior classes (3rd to 6th) we would like them to complete, we do not expect that your child completes all the activities we provide, and you are not restricted to these resources only. If you have found an online resource or app you consider useful let them work on that. We would also strongly urge you to set a cut off point for school related activities. The school day ends at 3.00 pm so after that their time should be their own.

Ultimately, we appreciate this is a difficult time and we are here to help and support if we can. Each new day will bring its own challenges but also bring great learning opportunities from sorting clothes for the washing machine to starting a 1000-piece jigsaw with your family. (Although never has the old saying “patience is a virtue” been truer!)

We hope you are keeping well, and we look forward to seeing all our pupils back in school after this emergency has passed.